47 Year Old Mini-Minor Sold For $1 Million

47 Years Old Mini Minor sold for $1 Million (double than its estimated price)
The car was built in United State on October, 1967 at British Motor Car Distributors in Seattle. Believe it or not the car only had two owners (all from the same family) from new, which all of them were based in Seattle Area and members of Mini Owners Association . According to the auction engineers the car was in excellent condition and it has never been modified. The previous owners of the car claim that they hardly ever drove with the car ( 0% car insurance ) and that it was always cared-for by Mini experts.

The 47-year-old Mini was transferred to Dubai Antique Car Sale in order to be sold for a reserved price of $500,000. However before shipping the Mini, the owner was told that the car needs to be insured before traveling from USA to Dubai, which According to the given car insurance quotes, the travel insurance cost was around $22,000.

The auction company, DM Auctions, had estimated that the car would sell for about half of that much. It currently represents the highest price ever paid for an early Mini Minor at auction. The price includes a 10% “buyer’s premium” which goes to the auction company.

The reports say that the car has been sold for $1 million, to two individuals who decided to share the car between each other (shown in the image).

As also shown in the image the Mini was a two door Saloon with Left hand drive that has a powerful 1275 cc engine with twin carbs. The first Mini-Minor was sold to a family living in Arlington Texas, in late 1959.
These types of cars really became popular in United states and United Kingdom , due to it archaic and compact design, and efficient fuel use. They were considered economy friendly and became really suitable for middle class people.

Looking at the image below It seems that the two lucky buyers are really happy and excited about the car.