Alina Kovalevskaya

Remember few weeks ago, we posted an article about a women who wanted to look and act exactly like Barbie Doll? Well there is another Barbie Doll in town!

Alina Kovalevskaya, 21-year-old from Odessa, Ukraine, is known for her Barbie Doll figure and looks. She is basically a walking and talking living Doll who is currently on the lookout for her real-life Ken (maybe Justin Jedlica).

Alina has made a splash online, with her weekly Youtube videos, where she shows off her Doll figure like a charm. Anila believes that she is the original Barbie doll as she has never carried out any cosmetic surgeries on her face and body. She claims that other Barbie doll look-a-likes such as Valeria Lukyanov or Jedlica, all have had history of cosmetic and plastic surgeries in the past.

Kovalevskaya studies psychology and social work at Odessa University. The 21-year-old first adopted the doll like look-a-like when she was around 18 years old.  It was about 26 months ago where she tried to build up her doll-like features with heavy cosmetics and colored contact lenses, which make her eyes, appear large and bright.

Looking like a Doll which makes you stand out from the crowd will definitely bring unwanted attention which Alina doesn’t mind. Where her style sometimes attracts negative comments, Alina chooses not to take such remarks to harm. Alina says that she is happy with her look and does not want to amend it.

What do you guys think about her look? Do you think it’s okay for a girl to look unnatural and stand out from the crowd? Comment your thoughts on our facebook page.

Alina Kovalevskaya

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