Barbie Doll Wanna Be

It’s almost impossible to find any girl in this world that doesn’t like Barbie dolls.  According to FDM (fashion doll market), over 95% of US female population have or had a Barbie doll. Barbie has been playing an important role in FDM industry in the past 50 – 60 years.  Barbie doll is just too fashionable and gorgeous that girls do anything just to look like her, from dressing Barbie clothes to going under cosmetic surgeries.

Blondie Bennet is an extreme case of Barbie doll wannabe who has and is doing everything, in order to achieve her Ultimate Barbie doll figure. The 38-year-old, who is from California, describes herself as Barbie-obsessed and so far she has spent over £25,000 on cosmetic surgery to achieve that ideal Barbie doll body. Bennet claims that she has had over 13 cosmetic surgeries, with having majority of the cosmetic surgeries assigned to breast augmentation and implants.

However Bennet is not just after the Barbie doll Figure, she is actually on a mission to become brainless just like a doll. She takes hypnotherapy sessions at least two times a week, in the hopes that it will decrease her IQ level to zero. It’s clear that she does not have any interest in being a human and would rather live a fantasy life.

Bennet has been obsessed with Barbie, ever since she was a little girl. She says that it has always been her dream to act and live an exciting life just like a Barbie doll. The Blondie has plenty of supporting fans in her quest to plastic perfection. Where you believe it or not, all the actual cost for her cosmetic surgeries have been paid by her followers.

Even though not everyone especially her family and friends, support her extreme make over, but Bennet is happy and feels comfortable in her own skin….. Well I guess that’s all it matters !

Blondie bennet

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