Body Positive : Obese Dancing

Most people will give up everything and become miserable when they gain weight, however it’s completely a different story with Whitney Thor. Witney Thor or better known as FAT dancer is leading the way for body acceptance by performing one energetic dance routine at a time.  She has started a campaign for mainly for people who are Fat and obese called “Body positivity”.

The 30-year-old radio producer has been thrown to fame, when a video (presented below) of her was released into the internet ( Vine and Youtube) called “ Fat Girl Dancing”. The video has received so much positive feedback and has motivated lots of people towards feeling great about their body.


Growing up in North Carolina USA , Witney absolutely loved to dance, but gaining weight in her early teenage days shattered her dreams of become a professional dancer as well as losing her self-confidence.  Witney gained over 45kg in a year, which made her drop out of her dance school and almost out of college. When her weight climbed to 120 kg, her life became a struggle and she battled eating dis-orders.

In 2013 Witney was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries syndrome, she began to understand her weight problem. The 30-year-old accepted the condition and decided to live on without doing what he loves the best. So in 2013 she returned to dance studio and started posting videos of her incredible moves online.

Witney has gained an army of fans throw her videos and has inspired lots of people all around the world. Witney says that becoming a “Body Positive”, has been the most incredible thing that has even happened to her. Witney has stepped up her game by taking her nobody shame campaign to the streets.

witney 2

Here is the famous clip ” Fat Girl Dancing”, Just Watch her do her amazing dance ! 😀