Brazilian Family With Six Fingers

Meet this extraordinary Brazilian family, who were all born with six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot. Believe or not all fourteen members of Da Silva family have a rare genetic condition called polydactyli.

Da Silva family who are currently located in the Brasilia (capital of Brazil) are absolutely crazy about Brazil national football team.  Brazil has won a handful of World Cups, but obviously for this family five is just not enough.

Looking at the photo of the family it’s obvious that they are proud of their additional digits, and say they believe they can help the Brazil national team win their sixth title in Fifa world Cup 2014

The sixth finger functions incredibly just like the other fingers and do not hinder activities like moving items, playing sports (e.g. football) cooking or even playing guitar. The 15-year-old son of the family, “Joao da Silva”, currently plays for their local futsal teams. Joao says that he wants to become a goal keeper, but he needs some sort of special gloves, as the normal ones don’t really suit his hand.

Joa’s great grandmother was the first member of the Da Silva family to have six fingers. The genetic disorder was then passed to other members of the family of each generation.

Brazil has narrowly qualified to the next round after beating Croatia and Cameroon. After Brazils poor performance against Mexico, most experts believe that Brazil doesn’t have a high chance of winning the world cup this year. However Da Silva family completely disagree and believe the extra finger will bring Brazil luck making them winning the world cup.

Da Silva

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