Brazilian flight attendance has spent over £100,000 on surgery

Rodrigo Alves who is a Brazilian flight attendance has spent over £100,000 on surgery in his quest for the perfect face and physique like a male Ken doll.  Mr Alves stated that he has had about 12 major operations, and eight other cosmetic procedures. Believe it or not he has almost done any kind of surgery on his face and body, from nose jobs to abdominal implants and liposuction on legs.

He has risked his life in order to look like his ideal male character (more like Ken doll). In one of his recent operation on his legs he almost lost one of his legs after gel leaked into his body. He is also receiving treatment for body dysmorphia or better known as BDD.

Mr Alves believes that this all started ten years ago after his first nose job surgery. He was incredibly happy about his nose job surgery, so he decided to use an inheritance to change things he had always hated about his body and face. The thirty-year-old claims that he will continue his operations until he achieves his perfect face and body, despite almost losing his leg and becoming paralyzed after a recent operation.

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The thirty-year-old flight attendance has been warned by his doctors that that one arm might have to be amputated if furthermore operation is carried out on it. The doctors are really worried that a sudden infection caused by the leaking fluid might reach his heart, and end his life. Despite all the worrying and advice given by doctors, Rodrigo will carry on his operations until he achieves an “Ideal Man” Ken doll figure.


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Rodrigo Alves is currently living in London where his fourth nose job will be carried out!  We wish Rodrigo best of luck !

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