Dental Implans Vs South African Fashion

Smiling with full set of white teeth is everyone’s dream now days. People believe that white teeth are sign of good health and most importantly make you look more attractive. People who lose their tooth will do almost anything and everything to find a way replace the lost one, from replacing it with cheap false teeth to expensive dental implants. Dental implants are highly durable, natural in appearance, long-lasting and most importantly easy to maintain.

According to American Dental Association over the past five years the demand for dental implants has been increased by 12%.  While most Americans and Europeans are saving for their dental implants, in South Africa it’s completely opposite. They even pay to have their front tooth removed!

This procedure has been around for over half a century in South Africa. The act of removing the front teeth has been practiced by minority of the African locals. However today this act has been taken to next level where it has become a new fashion era for all South Africans. This type of fashion is becoming a culture among young people and has become a prevalent amongst the younger generation.

The younger generations perform this procedure on their tooth as a way to blend in with older generation and achieve popularity among older age groups. They pull their front teeth so they follow the fashion code of older generation!

You must be wondering how this “Fashion” was started in the first place. Well according to Jackie Frading who studied this strange custom in South Africa in 2003, he found out  that the old people used this method to get rid of the pain in their tooth. This trend has eventually led to the emergence of this oddly shaped fashion.

Would you do it ?

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