Extreme OCD: custom temporary tattoos

Meet tattoo extremist Keith Gordon, an average family man from Romford, United Kingdom. In the last five years the 58-year-old has undergone a radical skin transformation which has shocked most people even his wife and kids. He has covered his “ENTIRE” head and almost 95% of his body by artistic custom temporary tattoos. Mr Gordon blames his obsessional habit for causing him to act out on uncontrollable impulses every few years, which has upset his family.

Keith had his first tattoos at age of seventeen and despite all the tattoo removal risks he spent over £100 on agonising skins grafts to remove his teenage tattoos.  The father of four suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), which is the condition that Mr Gordon believes let him to change his appearance radically throughout his life. Whether you believe it or not he has spent over £14,000 on custom temporary tattoos on his head, face and almost entire body.

At the age of 45 Keith decided to settle down by getting married to his wife Lisa and having three children together. However it wasn’t long until the OCD kicked in and made the office worker return to his first love “tattoos”.

Keith who works as an office administrator says that he never felt or looked better, despite what other might say at work or in the street. He is currently auditioning for a TV role, where his appearance maybe on demand. Despite his family objections he is pushing ahead with his plans to tattoo even more of his body.

Keith 2001 wedding

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