Fashion model who converted to Islam

Neelofa Noor was born on February 10, 1989, and she is a Malaysian-Iranian television host , commercial model and an actress. Neeolofa’s father has Malay descent while her mother is originally from Persia and has Iranian ancestry.

Her first debut was in 2010, staring in few television dramas and films. Neelofa popularity began when she was won Dewi Remaja in 2010/2011.Neelofa popularity increased even more amongst Malay people, after she officially announced that she is converting to Islam (in 2013).

The 25-year-old  Tv presenter said “ My Life with veil, re-started and I really feel great about my decision”. Malaysian actress felt the emptiness of life without wearing the Islamic veil. She had inspired many younger generation Malays towards Islam by doing such act.

There few rumors stating that  Neelofa has had few facial surgeries in the past in order to get into modelling industry. According to BuzzQ, she had two plastic surgeries on different parts of her face, from the eyebrow lifting to cheek and jawline augmentation.


she is currently studying for her Bachelor in International Trade & Marketing from Sunway University College, while doing modeling at the same time for few companies.


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