Hairy Legs Problems !

Majority of women have issue with hair on their arms and specially legs. This stressful problem normally starts when all girls hit their puberty (normally at the age of 15).  Most girls feel insecure about all the hair on their legs and face. In a busy world that we are living, most women don’t have time to shave the hair on their legs so that’s why they all start to look for an alternative, less painful and time consuming methods, in order to get rid of the hair. In women the hair often grows in the places such as legs, under armpits, feet and sometimes chest (including around the nipples).  There are some rare cases, which hair has grown on tops of the shoulders and the lower abdomen, but that’s very rare and its mainly related to body hormones.

There also group of women who are happy with their body hair. They are even that proud of it, that they have created a group on tumblre called Hairy Legs Club. The group member of ‘Hairy Legs Club ‘post images of their legs (not shaved), in order to inspire all other women, from shaving their legs and not being insecure about it. They believe that the idea of “all women should be hair less” is dictated by The Men. And all women should feel feminine with hair, just like some men feel masculine without any body hair.

The hairy leg stockings designed to help women ward off unwanted male attention

The hairy leg stockings designed to help women ward off unwanted male attention


For those of you that are constantly looking for ways to keep up with your body and facial hair, we have suggested some methods below. Luckily for you guys we have searched and found some fantastic hair removal methods that would make your lives a lot easier.


one of the images posted in the group

one of the images posted in the group ‘ Hair Legs Club ‘

Method 1: Bleaching

This method is ideal for women who are extremely busy working and don’t have time for shaving or waxing. Bleaching your body and facial hair would allow you to go weeks or even months without the need of shaving.

Note: make sure it’s done by professional person, as bleaching could burn your skin.

Method 2: Depilatories

This method is the fastest and easiest way to remove hair from your body. It is basically, the use of hair removal creams that do not leave stubble, but it might cause some irritation to the skin. Note: please buy approved product by ISO.

Method 3: Laser treatment

This is a bit costy, but it’s well worth doing it as 95% of the times the hair is removed and never grown back again. So if you have the time and the money try this method.