He is a She, She is a He

Meet this young and lovely couple from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma USA, who are deeply in love. Arin Andrews and Katie Hill look like any young couple having fun in the sunshine, but until recently these teenagers didn’t feel they can splash about like this in their swimwear.  The pair fell for each other when they bonded during their transitions between genders.

Just two years ago the slim girl in the bikini, formerly Luke, was a boy and the partner Arin was girl called “Emerald”. Katie who is currently 19, underwent gender assignment surgery a year ago at the age of 18. All The procedure for Katie’s transition was done by an anonymous consultant, who read their story in local newspaper and the total was cost around £23k. Now Arin is following Katie’s path by taking a life changing decision to have both of his breast removed, in order to have his ideal male physique that he always wanted.

Katie Hill

With the support of his partner Katie, the 17-year-old underwent gender assignment surgery, so he can achieve his ideal look. After the surgery Arin feels more comfortable with his appearance and says that he will never regret making this decision. Arin says that “ When I look in the mirror now, I just see what I always seen, it’s just a guy”.

The Oklahoma couple have inspired many transgender and are now known the champions of the young transgender community in the US. The fact that they have highlighted gender issues in young people have gave them an amazing public figure and honesty. However their fight for gender recognition was wasn’t that simple as they both lived in small communities in Oklahoma, that are strictly religious. But this didn’t stop them achieving their ideal appearance, despite all the troubles they had from the local town neighbours.

Arin Andrews

Unfortunately there are some news stating that Katie and Arin have split apart, saying they want to focus on ‘having fun’ and ‘enjoying young adulthood’ as singles. Well whatever they are doing, we “Picbazi” wish them all the best.

Arin and Katie