Longest Legs In The World

There has always been competition for the world’s longest legs in modelling industry and “Miss Longest Legs” pageants across the globe, especially between England and Russia.

Few months ago England and Russia both shocked the world when they introduced Alexandra Robertson (English) and Anastasia Strashevskaya (Russian), who both had the longest legs in the world. Anastasia Strashevskaya, 18-year-old law student, was crowned the Miss longest legs in a beauty pageant with an amazing 106 cm of leg 6 months ago. However the Russian model didn’t stand there for a long time as 2 months later, 20-year-old British student and model Alexandra Robertson broke Anastasia’s record with an incredible 120 cm of leg.  Robertson or better known as “leggiest lady” is 185 cm tall and currently modelling for various companies.


Whether you believe it or not Robertson’s record was broken last month by a 26-year-old science student from Brooklyn. This New Yorker, Brooke Banker is making huge impact on the wold of modelling. She has the longest legs in the Big Apple, at a whopping of 121 cm pure legs. The 26-year-old has joined and topped the ranks of some of the leggiest in the business with her eye popping measurements.

Longest legs

The former aviation science student’s fame began after a friend who was studying photography, asked her to model for some photographs. She was then approached by other photography student for more modelling work (amazing right??). Whether you believe it or not Brooke has been working alongside modelling agency “Monarch” and has been doing fashion presentations.

Having long legs isn’t always easy to manage and despite all the good points, it also comes with some downsides, especially when it comes to do shopping for clothes. Brooke struggles to find clothes that would fit her beautiful long legs. “When it comes to buying clothing for legs, it can be a little bit more challenging” explains Brooke.

At 180 cm tall, almost Two-thirds of her body is just legs and when it comes walking in the streets, her legs draw attention in the street of New York. Brooke says that she doesn’t mind all the attentions and stares from the crowd, but it annoys her when she gets confronted by random people telling her she has long legs.

Despite all the un-wanted attention and difficulties he has, we can all agree that the future is bright for the longest legs in New Yorks.

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