Modeling : Miss World 2010

The world of fashion is one of the most wanted and paid careers that anyone could wish for. Fashion industry is considered to be one of the best paying industries all around the world, where an average model would make over $500,000 a year.  There are million’s of various female models, however only handful of them would make it to the top, making millions of dollars each month. In other words this industry grants all the top models both the financial power and of course worldwide recognition and fame.

But the controversy starts when majority of people look at the models and think it’s an easy and over paid job, but what they don’t realise is that modelling industry is a highly competitive field where only the best models get the chance to stay on top. Modelling is not just about the size 6 figure, as it also involves a set of skills, hard work and most importantly missing all the good food. One of the models who have made it to the top is Paria Arabzadeh.

Arabzadeh who is considered to be one must be multi-talented models in Vogue, is also an international model and TV presenter. She is currently living in Dubai with her parents, where she is continuing her degree in Aviation at Dubai University.

This 175 cm tall, glamorous model has it all, from the looks to the size 6 figure, which most modeling companies acquire. The 28-year-old has worked for Walid attalah , Damas , le zurde , dar Sara , splash , blooming , avenue , Xxl vodka , Ali younes , le lana , ice watch , jmarlie ,triumph ,vancleef , matrix , Samsung ,Jaguar and Interprise.

There are various rumors stating that in 2004 Paria have had (cosmetic surgeries) both nose surgery and Botox in order to get a younger and bulkier face. According to TakN, she also had three minor plastic surgeries on different parts of her face, from the eyebrow lifting to cheek and jawline augmentation.

Arabzadeh  is currently seeking to become an Hollywood or Bollywood actor. She is also nominated for Miss World 2014, which starts in few months.

Paria ArabZadeh Promoting Persepolis Jersey . .

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