People who cry blood

Over the past decades there have been few reported cases of rare condition called “haemolacria”. It’s an extremely rare disease that cases people to cry blood instead of eye water.  It is noted that the main cause of these disorder is hormone changes. According to Doctor Jolia Sosool, the cases that have been reported over the past years are normally at their puberty stage.

Calvin Inman who is from Rockwood, Tennessee, has been suffering from this rare disorder for over 3 years now. Calvin says that his eyes bleed at least 3 times a day and can last about few minutes up to an hour. It all started when the 17-year-old, who was 15 at that time, stepped out of the shower and noticed blood tears covering in his face and eyes. Calvin says “I was very scared, and I thought I was going to die”. Fortunately for Calvin crying bloody tears or haemolacria disorder is not life threatening.

Sadly the doctors have been unable to diagnose the main cause of this condition. MRI, CAD scan (with and without IV),  Ultra sounds and almost every single medical examination has been carried out on Calvin, but the doctors and specialist can just figure out the main cause of this. So far there have been no diagnosis and treatment for haemolacria disorder, which has left Calvin and his mother totally hopeless.




Delfina Cedeno is another similar case to Calvin that was reported last year, however in Delfina’s case she sweet and cry blood. The 19-year-old who is from Dominican Republic, was totally shocked after the doctors told her that the red liquids in her eye is actually blood.

The specialists believe that the main cause of this rare disorder is due to her adrenaline levels. According to the specialists Cedeno has 20 times higher adrenalin levels than a normal person. They also believe that anxiety attacks causes her blood pressure to raise so severely that her body sweats blood.

Delfina has been diagnosed with a rare condition called hematidrosis, which luckily for her it can be cured. The doctors have given Delfina, prescript medication in order to reduce her anxiety and blood pressure.  Delfina says that she is incredibly happy that they have found a treatment for her and she is very motivated towards life.


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