Popular car brands in the world

Mini Minor known as the supreme symbol of British style, design and ingenuity. In 2012 more than 350,000 of this car were sold around the world. The great thing about this superior car is that more than 50 years after first mini road off the assembly lines, they’re still manufactured in oxford, United Kingdom, the place that it was born. The car is known to be global phenomenon and one still proudly made in Britain, however this so “British” car is owned by the Germans. Matter fact its not just this British car that is owned by Germany’s economic power, other British cars such as Bentley  and Rolls Royce.

We are living in an age of German empire, where they command more power, than at any time since the Second World War. This is the empire of German Engineering, expertise and most importantly German exports. Across the world, the badges of Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW and Volkswagen inspire immediate awe. Despite the fact that the memories of Second World War runs deeply, the British still can’t resist the appeal of a German car. It’s not just German cars that are really popular in UK, Japanese and French cars also have high demands in UK.

The question that is asked all the time is that, what have the British car manufacturers done wrong that has led their Automobile economic to failure. A few months ago a Poll asked people, what brand of car they are most likely to drive? And the top five answer where #1 Volkswagen , #2 Toyota, #3 Audi, #4 Mercedes and last but not least was BMW. Yes ! The majority of the cars that British people like to ride are either from Germany or Japan!

It seems that British people tend to buy the car that has speed, power and most importantly beauty. However another thing that really interests people towards purchasing a car is the Insurance Costs. According to the BIO the cars that have less amount of car insurance quote, are more popular than the cars that have higher insurance.  For instance the insurance cost for Toyota cars (e.g. Yaris) cost a lot less than a BMW or Mini Minor who both have higher CC and accident rate. So if a car has cheaper insurance cost but has a higher price it is most likely to be purchased, than a cheaper car that have higher insurance costs.

We can conclude on the fact that if a manufacturer can provide that has all the points mentioned above will certainly out bid all other brands.  But the question that remains is that that; can any Car factories in U.K do that? I guess we have to wait and see!

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