Reza Attaran Vs Jamshid Mashayekhi

Now days it’s really tough to find any popular Persian superstars in Hollywood. As a result of demands of contemporary cinema, Iranian stars decide to ignore any delivers acquired. Hollywood films consists of numerous instances that are looked down upon by Persian cultural values. Loads of Iranian actresses have already been the subject of controversies on account of their tasks in Hollywood flicks. Persian actresses command large respect from their fans.

There are many Iranian stars within the Hollywood that has forayed into the scene of modern cinema. Some of the popular faces of Iranian actresses may be noticed in Hollywood, especially known faces such as Jamshid Mashayekhi (Legend), Reza Attaran (popular comedian) and Ranbod Javan. Reza Attaran and Ranbod Javan, both shown amazing curiosity about Hollywood and are willing to act in several movies. Hollywood will soon be familiar with Mehran Modiri (director and actor) due to his align of films. Virtually all significant movie events now invite Iranian actresses. Iranian stars have landed inside a lot of controversies while attending globally commended award functions similar to the Cannes and the Academy awards (e.g. Asghar Farhadi). Most Persian superstars are clearly instructed by their Government to do something properly for the duration of functions.

It’s typical for cinema lovers to find problem with stars as a result of their extravagant competition in acting and comedy perception. Most recently, Jamishid Mashayekhi received loads of criticism in the course of an event owing to his behavior and attitude towards Reza Attaran.

It all started when in an interview with Irib3, Reza Attaran (actor, comedian) said “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make people laugh, even if it’s required to take off my clothes”. It was at this point where Jamishid Mashayekhi called him an ignorant rude person and also said that he should be ashamed of his behavior.

Reza Attaran pinned the blame around the perpetrator and immediately to his fans for his actions which has triggered distress to countless. Jamshid Mashayekhi was also to be blamed for a really questionable “ignorant” attitude towards Reza.

After the incident both Reza and Mr Jamshid Mshayekhi stated that there are no more tension between the two and that they don’t have any problems with each other anymore!

Jamshid Mashaiekhi with his fans

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