Tattoo and Body Arts

Tattooing has been practiced for over 8000 years in many different cultures. Tattoo was originally used by forensic pathologists to help them identify burned or aged dead bodies. However there are some enthusiasts who believe that tattoo was originally created as way to attract opposing gender. These tattoo enthusiasts believe that the word tattoo or ‘tatau’ refers to ‘paper’, ‘ink, and ‘skin’.

The world that we are living has completely changed the traditional attitude towards tattoos. Now days it’s more like a ‘Cool’ body art, rather than a way to leave a memorial mark that would last forever and help identifying your dead or burnt body. In fact over the past years Tattoo designs/arts are really starting to become a fashion of its own kind. Over the last few years the popularity of body art and tattooing has been increased. This could possibly be blamed on the media, as most the music videos or films that we watch; the main ‘cool’ character has lots of artistic body arts.


According to a survey which was conducted by Yahoo, tattoo and body art is more practiced between younger generations than older ones. This is mainly because younger generation is attracted to the amazing tattoo designs such as light installation or diamond encrusted skulls. You can view some cool and amazing tattoo arts below. Simply click next to view other images.


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