The Legendary Attaran

This Iranian actor Reza Attaran, born in Mashhad on 31st March 1968, has played in television shows and films. This renowned director/actor has won numerous awards including Best Actor Award in 2008 at Gol Aga Film Festival. In 2014, this famous actor/director has also received Crystal Simorgh in Fajr International Film Festival. In 1995, Attaran made his debut in Saate Kosh that was directed by the prolific Mehran Modiri.

Today Reza Attaran is considered the most creative and prolific Iranian comedy actor. About 20 years ago, he appeared mostly in the local plays of northeast Iran (Khorasan province). In 1993 when he was in Tehran, Attaran joined a television comedy group that produced engaging or amusing programs for New Year holidays. That group was led by Mehran Modiri. In Iran, Mehran is a renowned director of comedies. Although Attaran worked with Mehran for few years, his own films indicate that his talents as a comedian aren’t inferior to Mehran. Reza Attaran appeared in those comedy series which he directed. He achieved great recognition and fame for his singing talents. He became even more popular for his roles in feature films. In low-quality comedies, Attaran’s acting skills have been phenomenal. However, some of his recent works like Three-Degree Fever have deteriorated in quality.

Attaran was cast in No Men Allowed (director: Rambod Javan) and Absolutely Tame Is a Horse (director: Abdolreza Kahani) during 29th Fajr International Film Festival. In both these films, Attaran proved his acting skills by unraveling new artistic dimensions in various works of comedy. His role in the comedy Absolutely Tame Is a Horse was of a bad cop and in the other Attaran was cast as the clumsy teacher at the girls’ high school. In his acting career he has earned lots of recognition. Some of his notable works include Voroode Aghayan Mamnoo, Dehliz, etc.