The world’s smallest waist

In today’s society, being thin, skinny and light weight is every young girls dream. Some people choose abs exercises, and healthy diet while on other hand; some may seek surgical procedures in order to achieve a “Model Type” figure. However with Michele Koebke, it’s a different case, as she has taken that goal to an extreme level. The 24-year-old has shrunk her waist so tiny, to 54 cm by wearing a corset every day for almost three years.  Michele has gradually laced herself in to smaller and smaller corsets, which she wears constantly even when sleeping.

The Berlin native claims that her waist three years ago was 64 cm and no it is 54 cm. She says that she is planning to beat the record for the world’s smallest waist within 1 – 2 years’ time. The world’s smallest waist record is currently held by Kathy Young (her idol), whose waist size is only 34 cm. In order to achieve this goal Michele need to reduce her waist by 20 cm and by doing that she could harm her stomach and all the organs within that area.

Michele Koebke amazing body

Although Michele’s life hasn’t changed and only slowed down a little but her health has been extremely affected. Unsurprisingly years of squeezing herself to extreme proportions have has a negative impact on Michele’s health. Right now she is breathless and says “changing corsets is like a high-performance sport for me”. Her muscles are so weak that she struggles to even stand or without wearing a corset (it’s like corset is some part of her body). Michele’s eating is also affected, that she has to eat 10 small proportions of food due to her stomach becoming constricted.

After her stomach examination the results indicate that her stomach is extremely constricted and has been moved out of its normal horizontal position. The result also shows that The-24-year-old’s breathing is not also normal and very weak for women at her age. Her doctor who is a specialist in internal medicine has warned her that it is time for her to stop and move out of wearing corsets daily, otherwise she won’t be able to move around normally or even she might lose her intestine.

Despite all the warnings given to her by her doctors and family she still wants to continue reaching her goal. She says “I’m not scared of the consequences and I will do my best reaching my goal”.

We wish Michele all the best and hope that she reaches her goal without harming her body.

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