Weird dressed up man was arrested in Ka’ba

A weird looking man with strange clothes was arrested beside Ka’ba (The House of Allah) in city of Mecca. According to TKNZ Nazem Jahan who is a Turkish actress and stars in a TV series called “Valley of the Wolves” has come to fulfill the rites of Mecca with traditional Turkish dress, which eventually led to his arrest. He has played in many movies and TV series, most notably the series of Turkish Valley of the Wolves and the Family Court.

Nazem was arrested for causing blockage and disturbance through the Ka’ba pathway, which Muslims have to circle around the Kaaba in a counter-clockwise direction 7 times. The pathway was blocked by people who stopped to take photos of Nazem’s weird clothes.  The 45-year-old wad was released soon after his arrest with an apology from the Mecca authorities.

Later on,  on his Facebook page he apologized to all Muslims and stated that he did not mean to create any disturbance. Furthermore he stated that his only intention was to persuade more Turkish Muslims to visit Ka’ba by posting images of himself wearing traditional Ottoman Istanbul clothes and taking pictures with pilgrimages in Ka’ba.

بالصور.. خليفة داعش نجم وادي الذئاب

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