Women Spent Thousands to Become a Female Blow-Up Doll

Last week we posted an article about Rodrigo, spending over $150k on cosmetic surgery in order to become a Ken Doll (Barbie Male character) look alike. Well guess what Katella Dash has already broken Rodrigo’s spending record on cosmetic surgery. Katella claims that she has spent over $200,000 on plastic surgery to transform from a man to a woman that looks like a blow-up doll with a 38H cup size.  Well looking at the pictures, I think she has achieved it.

Katella Dash, 38, from Minneapolis, USA, describes herself a Plastic surgery-obsessed. She believes that this obsession started 15 years ago after her gender reassignment surgery to change her sex. Since then she claims to have spent over $200,000 just to look a blow-up doll! So far she has had over 20 operations, from operations on her lips, cheeks, chin to seven breast augmentation operations and buttock implants.

In an interview with yahoo she said “I love to look plastic, even though most people hate me for my extreme appearance but it fuels me to get more work done”. It seems that Katella is still not happy with her body as she is planning to get her 38H breasts increased to an M. The doctors have warned her about the possible risks and dangers related to this operation. This operation could put her health at risk and that’s why no one is willing to take the job. However it seems that Katella isn’t worried about all possible consequences of this operation as she still insists.


Watch the before and after images of Katella below:

katella dash doll look a like

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