World’s Biggest Hips

Mikel Ruffinelli claims that she has the world’s biggest hips. Mikel’s waist measures staggering 102 cm in circumference. Her hips are so wide that she struggles performing simple daily activities such as moving around the house or even sitting down on one chair. Mrs Ruffinelli can’t fit through doorways and most tight corridors. She also has difficulties traveling with planes as one sit is not enough for her enormous hips, so she has to buy two plane sits.

The 40-year-old who is from Los Angeles, United State believes that her figure is down to genetics rather than her diet. She says that she gets her figure from her mom and believes that the gene of having big hips runs through her family. The mum-of-four started gaining weight and waist size just after the born of her first son. It was after this point where she started gaining more hip size after the birth of each child.

Mikel’s hips are so large that she attracts attention everywhere she travels and she gets the question “is it real ?” a lot of the time. People stop and take pictures with her, and sometimes ask for her signature! Despite all the struggles that she has to cope in her daily life, she says that she absolutely loves her curves, her hips and her attributes. In other words she loves to be unique.

Mikel’s unique dimension also pose difficulties at home where her 254 cm hips barely fit through doorways and of course showering is a challenge. Believe it or not Mikel exercises with her 3 daughters every day, in order to keep in shape. Mikel is currently happy with her life and does and does not have any plans to lose weight or go under surgery in order to increase her waist size.


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