World’s Largest Family

Mr. Chana, along with 39 wives, 94 children, 14 brides and 33 of his grandson live in a great home who built themselves. Words cannot describe this enormous and extremely weird house which is located in the village center Baktvang State Myzvram India. It has four floors and somehow they managed to build hundred rooms in each floor.  The 65-year-old told Sun newspaper: I’m glad that I’ve been blessed by God and that he has given me a lot of responsibility in order to run the me that the largest family in the world.

Operating this enormous family must be similar to administrating military discipline, which requires a great clarity and Mr. Chana seems to have it all. Chana currently has 39 wives and Zatyangy who is the eldest wife has more duty in the house than everyone else. She is in charge of the washing, cooking and cleaning.

They are living an expensive and hectic life, as their weekly grocery is 60 kilos of potatoes, 100 kilos of rice, 20 whole chickens, 25 kilos of red meat and roughly about 50 Kilograms of vegetables. Their monthly bill alone is £1500 a month, which is 10 times more than an average salary in India.

Whether you believe it or not Chana managed to marry ten women in just one year. His youngest wife is Avzndgy who is only 19 years old.

Despite having the largest family in the world, Chana is still not satisfied and is planning to travel to United states to marry an American women !

chana house

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